Day of shotcrete

Finished excavating this pool 4 days ago – tile and stone up next!



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Commercial pool tile & decking

We shot the pool yesterday… Today installing tile and forming for decking. Pouring pool deck on Monday. Next up set equipment, gates, plaster and fill!


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Commercial swimming pool shotcrete

The guys are shooting the 4500psi shotcrete on this 800sqft commercial swimming pool. Tile will be installed tomorrow, then decking… Plan to have this pool filled with water within a few weeks.


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Walking On Water

Finally the glass panels are installed. Before we fill the courtyard fountain with water the floor will be prepped and sealed, underwater lights installed and a layer of black river rock spread out.

While walking across the bridge to the front door the home owner (or pizza guy) will experience the illusion of walking in water.

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All Systems Go

Power is now hooked up to the house and the pumps are humming along.

I will turn the waterwall off but leave the laminars on. The laminar pump pulls from the negative edge basin, gies through a filter and back to the pool. Running the laminar fountains also create the pool’s negative edge effect.

The laminars also have a multiple-color fiber optic illuminator (you can’t see right now) that will display an array of colors when the home owner returns this evening.

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Acrylic Window

The gazebo is moving along. We installed travertine tile around the gazebo and spa columns to pull it all together.

As you can see a large portion of the Pavers have been installed around the pool and only up to the gazebo.

Glass tile is complete and looks great. The pool bench closest to the spa was tiled as an after thought.

The big news is that the acrylic window was installed, waterproofed and sealed. I can’t wait for this to be filled with water.

I heard today we may add more Pavers – hope so… That would look great.

I even think the water slide looks good.

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Remodel After Pictures

Her are the after shots of this quick remodel. At first we were not going to replace the step trim tile – but after looking at the final product I’m glad we did.

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Well the pool is full of water but the power is not connected to the house yet. For the time being I am adding chemicals to the pool and brushing down the walls. I can’t turn on any pumps or equipment to filter out the plaster dust. Luckily this pool was acid washed before it was filled eliminating a most of the dust.

This was a nice calm morning to take the pictures… They will look even better once the pumps are running.

It looks like the sunken lounge area still need to be completed around the cannery palm tree. The water wall is going to be pretty dramatic once complete as well. In front of the water wall and behind spa a fire bar will be installed to reflect off the water water at night.

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Palapa Installed

Today the 16ft palapa was installed at the swim-up bar. What a difference it makes. Tomorrow we will install the custom rain fall under the palapa. This will create a curtain of rain the swimmer has to swim through to get to the bar stools.

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Day of Plaster

I showed up towards the end of the plastering and took these great action photos.  Tomorrow a few lucky guys will come back to the pool and acid was the entire surface prior to filling with water.  Acid washing will remove most of the plaster dust and darken the pigment in the dye.

The product they are installing is called Midnight Blue Quartz and is manufactured by StoneScapes.

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